Ice Machines

Various sizes & capacities

Manufactured by Manitowoc Ice

  • 22" 30" 48" Ice Machines
  • 30" Undercounters
  • Adapter Kits
  • Water Filters
  • Single Door Coolers

Commerical cooling equipment for your business.

Swanel's ice machines ship in six different sizes and vary between 110 and 220 volts. You may choose between full or half cubes. We recommend water filters on ice machines to maintain quality and a consistent taste.

30 Inch Undercounter Ice Machine 30"

270 pounds
per day

110 Volts

22 Inch Ice Machine 22"

400 pounds
per day

110/220 volts

30 Inch Ice Machine 30"

500 - 1000 pounds
per day

110/220 volts

48 Inch Ice Machine 48"

1400 - 1800 pounds
per day

220 volts

Our Koolaire ice machines are manufactured by Manitowoc Ice. These units have been tested in extremely hot and cold Accelerated Life Test Conditions which simulate more than 35 years of operation - so you know they’re built to last!

Full Ice Cubes

Full Cube

Half Ice Cubes

Half Cube