Bag-in-Box Syrup

Over 100 Flavors

Bag-in-Box Sizes:

  • 3 Gallon BiB
  • 5 Gallon BiB

Diet flavors are available. For use in any standard fountain machines.

More than 100 flavors of handcrafted fountain syrup.

Swanel bag-in-box syrups are sold throughout thousands of restaurants, bars and establishments worldwide. We’ve been handcrafting our formulas since 1941. The advantage that we provide in the market allows us to provide syrup at a fraction of the cost of the national brands, without sacrificing the clean, rich taste you expect from your refreshments.

Our bag in a box syrup deliveries are available in a scheduled format. We provide a selection of over 100 flavors of handcrafted fountain syrup. We can deliver bag-in-boxes that are designed to match any standard fountain soda machine. With scheduled deliveries and specialty orders we ensure you have access to the beverages you need to provide a quality experience at your location.

Bag in a box syrup can be an essential need for many establishments, by working with Swanel, you can access quality beverages and reliable beverage services for less.