Check here for quick answers to common questions.

Q: I'm a potential Swanel customer: How would I gather more information about the products and services you provide, what is my first step?

A: Call Swanel at 1-800-279-2635 and we'll assign you a sales representative who can answer all your questions.

Q: I'm a current Swanel customer: How would I go about adding new flavors to my product line? How would I go about adding new equipment?

A: Please contact your Swanel sales representative at 1-800-279-2635

Q: What are my options regarding methods of payment?

A: Swanel accepts payment at time of delivery (cash, check, credit card). You may call our office to make payment over the phone, and even request to have your credit card or banking information securely stored for your convenience.

Q: Does Swanel offer "walk in" pickup orders?

A: Yes! We are here Monday - Friday, and our shop hours are 9am - 11:45am and 12:30pm - 3pm.

Q: I missed my scheduled delivery day. Can I still get an order?

A: Yes! Remember, you're always welcome to visit us at Swanel to pick up your order during our business hours! If you'd like your product to be delivered on a non-scheduled delivery day, a convenience charge will be added to the order.

Q: Will Swanel service my ice machine even though it's not a Swanel provided item?

A: Yes! Swanel offers service work on customer owned equipment. Call ahead to get an estimate on the cost for labor and parts needed to get your equipment up and running again!

Q: What is Hazmat?

A: Hazmat stands for hazardoes material. Hazmat is charged for each cylinder at your location. It helps offset a portion of the costs that Swanel must incur to comply with federal, state & local government regulations. This includes but is not limited to homeland security, emergency preparedness and workplace safety. It's also used to fund, among other things, employee safety training and inspections, cylinder re-qualificatin and environmental compliance.

Q: Is Swanel open on Saturday?

A: We do have a small service team that is only available for emergency service calls.

Q: I recently had a Swanel representative contact me for an order on my scheduled delivery day, but missed the call/text! How long do I have to respond to ensure delivery on my scheduled day?

A: As long as you make contact with your rep by 3pm CST the day BEFORE your delivery day, that gives enough time to prepare your order for the next day.

Q: Does Swanel service beer equipment?

A: No.