About Us

Swanel Beverage, Inc.

Doing business since 1941.

We're one of the oldest independent fountain syrup manufacturers in the United States. Swanel was established in 1941 to service the bottled seltzer needs of the tavern industry. Since then Swanel has continually grown and diversified and now serves five industries in all or parts of four states . Swanel Beverage specializes in great tasting fountain syrups and concentrated juices, as well as the installation and service of the associated dispensing equipment. With Swanel you'll receive the service responsiveness that you deserve while enjoying the convenience of a regularly scheduled delivery without the hassle of telephone sales, pre-sales, or difficult minimum orders. In addition to beverage syrups, Swanel also leases and sells ice machines, nitrogen generators and bulk CO2 service.

Swanel Beverage has been providing the fastest and most flexible service response to restaurants, municipalities, country clubs, night-clubs, and lounges since 1941. Swanel now provides great tasting and competitively priced fountain syrups, juices and other concentrated beverages, pressurized gasses, bulk CO2, nitrogen generators and ice machine rental programs.

Our local business is primarily around the Chicago region and northwest Indiana, however Swanel maintains solid business relations with several well-known distributors and manufacturers.