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    The alternative to high-priced national brands.
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Full-Service Beverage Company

Swanel is a beverage manufacturer and beverage distributor of highly affordable and great tasting bag-in-box syrups. We provide all the equipment you need to serve our products and we have technicians and delivery drivers ready to bring you syrup, maintain your beverage system, and replenish your gas.

Beverage Supplier

We produce a huge variety of flavors including craft soda syrup, diet soda syrup, energy drink syrup, concentrated juice syrup, 100% real juice, tea syrup, lemonade syrup, frozen carbonated syrup, frozen slushie syrup, and more.

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Bar Equipment Supplier

Swanel Beverage is more than just a beverage producer. We specialize in all phases of beverage dispensing. We lease, sell, install, & maintain all the beverage equipment you need like soda guns, soda machines, & juice dispensers, along with gas cylinders, bulk CO2 tanks, nitrogen generation systems, and ice machines.

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Beverage-Grade Gas Supplier

Avoid the hassle of multiple vendors just to serve drinks to your customers. We provide all the various kinds of gas needed to serve beer and soda including CO2, NO2, mixed gas, and beer gas. We also offer regular refills of your bulk CO2 tank.

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